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You can view our latest financial statements here.

Ground Regulations

We pride ourselves on the fact that St Mary’s is a welcoming family-friendly stadium where fans come to enjoy watching football.

We applaud and encourage passionate support. However, we do not tolerate discrimination, abuse, foul and abusive language or anti-social or threatening behaviour.

To keep the fan experience positive for all that visit our stadium, we will challenge bad behaviours and if necessary work with Hampshire Police to pursue criminal charges.

You can view our full Ground Regulations here.


What is discrimination?

Discrimination is any form of prejudice or unfair treatment of anyone on the basis of their race, ethnicity, age, disability, sex, gender assignment, religion or beliefs.

At Southampton, we have a zero tolerance approach to any form of discrimination, bullying, victimisation or harassment. We fully support and endorse the FA’s respect campaign. Any abuse that is proven to racist, sexist, homophobic or is based on any of the other factors above will be dealt with through a permanent stadium ban. Additionally, any form of abuse or chanting that could be discriminatory will be reported to the police as a hate crime for further investigation.

It is vitally important to the Club that everyone feels welcome at St Mary’s Stadium. This means that we will take the strongest possible steps to eliminate any form of discrimination from our stadium without exception - each individual case will be assessed upon its facts

If you are the victim or a witness to such behaviour we ask that you text ‘SFCReport’ to 60060 with a description and location of the incident, at the time of the incident. Please provide as much detail of any offence as possible.

This may include specific seat details if applicable, descriptions of persons involved, and exact words and phrases wherever possible. We recommend that you save the number to your phone and text discreetly to help us challenge bad behaviour at St Mary’s. Supporters are also encouraged to report any behaviour that they are not comfortable with to any of our stewards or other staff. All reported concerns will be investigated appropriately and confidentially.

You can view our Spectator Behaviour and Sanctioning Policy here.


You can view our safeguarding policy here.

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 19: Stock Images of St Mary’s, ahead of FA Cup match agiasnt Shrewsbury Town at St Mary’s Stadium on January 19 2021 (Photo by Isabelle Field/Southampton FC via Getty Images)