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The Virgin Media Football academy

The Virgin Media Football Academy is delivering learning resources to teachers to help support pupils to get back a year of lost physical education, via football-focused lesson plans and video tutorials. The resources range from a series of skills-based footballing drills for teachers to try with students, as well as exploring how physical and mental readiness impacts performance in sport. These resources have been produced by Virgin Media alongside the National Schools Partnership, with support from Southampton Football Club Academy coaches.

Virgin Media is on a mission to open the world-renowned Southampton FC academy to school children across the country with this exciting campaign.

Alongside the National Schools Partnership, we've created a mix of practical and class-based lessons for pupils aged 10-16, with videos from Southampton FC players to help explain training tips and skills. In addition, The Virgin Media Football Academy includes psychological, physical and nutritional wellbeing as well for a complete insight into what we teach at Staplewood.

On the 28th April, Virgin Media is hosting an interactive live lesson for schools, will be led by Premier League players and Saints coaches from the famed Southampton FC Academy and streamed directly into classrooms throughout the country.

To find out more about the resources, and how your school can get involved with the live lesson - click here.

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See our lesson plans on how to improve technique and mastery of dribbling.
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Passing and Receiving

See our lesson plan on how to improve technique and mastery of passing and receiving the ball.
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Nutrition: Match body ready

See our lesson plan to understand how nutrition plays a key role in getting match ready.
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Wellbeing: Match ready mind

See our lesson plan to understand how mind-set plays a key role in getting match ready.