Optimising Your Potential: 1 Day Programme

Optimising Your Potential: 1 Day Programme

At Saints learning, we give you the tools to reach your potential, whether you’re a manager or leading a team.

In this interactive one-day workshop, Managers and Leaders will learn sophisticated positive coaching and communications styles to encourage optimum performance from employees.


Suitable for Managers or leaders at any level, throughout this workshop you will build and enhance your understanding of how our mindset impacts our performance, identify potential factors and develop tools and strategies to create mind shifts within yourself and your teams through optimum performance coaching.

Learning Activation – Changing room style activation 
Introduction to high potential trait indicators - (HPTI assessment) 

Mindshift, Mindset
•  Our beliefs and the power of how we think and act as a team.
•  An agile team in action.
•  Developing conscious competence.

Talent vs Effort

•  Defining talent and when effort outweighs talent.
•  Habits, attitudes and comfort zones.
•  High potential factors.

Talent management
•  Coaching for optimum performance.
•  Developing skills to ensure your interactions unlock potential.
•  Developing individuals inner strength and self belief.
•  Tactics to optimise performance and the 4A model in action.


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