Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges

Ché Adams is excited to share with you our new virtual challenges webpage, where you can find a summary of the challenges from the past 12 weeks, as well as some new ones to take part in!

We have shared 12 Virtual Football Challenges with our players throughout lock down and now it is your turn to give them a go too. Use the links below to give them a go!

After months away from the football field, we’re delighted to confirm that we will be running a summer Soccer School programme, just on a smaller scale than we’re all used to. The sessions will include social distancing rules with the coaching ratios following the correct protocols, as well as all of the latest FA & Government advice. Find out more here. We hope to see you all soon!


See links to all 12 challenges below:

Virtual Challenge 1

Virtual Challenge 2

Virtual Challenge 3

Virtual Challenge 4

Virtual Challenge 5

Virtual Challenge 6

Virtual Challenge 7

Virtual Challenge 8

Virtual Challenge 9

Virtual Challenge 10

Virtual Challenge 11

Virtual Challenge 12

Here are some additional challenges we think that you will enjoy!

Squeeze turn

V Pushes

Outside Cut