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Following our campaign to raise £10,000 for our projects with Senior Saints, your donations are already being used to continue our support for isolated older adults.

In November 2020, we appealed for your help to continue our projects with older people, many of whom have been left vulnerable and isolated since the pandemic began. 

We could not have predicted how important sustaining this support would become. Since the country entered another lockdown in January, many of our Senior Saints have been left isolated and alone in their homes once again. Thanks to your donations, we’re able to continue and expand this support for older people in our community. 


Our Health team has recorded a new set of radio programmes, now being broadcast on Voice FM 103.9FM. Anyone can join in with these 10-minute exercises, which help with strength, balance and generally staying active while at home. Best of all, we’ve increased the number of weekly broadcasts – you can now get your Foundation fitness fix every weekday at 12 midday. 

We’re continuing our regular online classes, with sessions now running multiple times each week. Since November, 89 participants have joined our Health team for these fun and accessible exercise classes. We’ve also started a tea and catch-up call, ensuring that our Senior Saints community stays connected as well as active.

As part of Saints As One, our joint initiative with Southampton FC, staff have continued to make regular check-in phone calls to older adults, focusing on those who are not equipped to join the online group sessions. These phone calls are frequently described as a “lifeline” for older adults who have been cut off from others during the pandemic.

We encourage older adults to engage with us, to stay active and connected during these difficult times. You can find out more about our online support offering below.


Our online fundraising campaign ran in November and December, raising over £10,000 for these projects. A huge thank you from all of us for your donations. All our efforts are going towards supporting our community in whatever way we can during these challenging times, so your support makes a big difference.

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