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Matchday fan reports at st mary's stadium

We believe the best way to tackle antisocial behaviour is by working together.


So we’ve sifted through data taken from reports made to us by fans during home matches, to review and share with you.


We’ll use this data to help us find areas where we may need to improve, but also as a benchmark for future seasons as we look to make visiting St Mary’s Stadium the best experience it can be.

On this page, you’ll find an infographic highlighting the different types of issues we’ve been notified of, which we’ve then followed up on.


Everyone has the right to come and enjoy a match and to feel safe. This is always our aim at St Mary’s and so we welcome all reports of issues faced when attending matches so that we can act on them.


We encourage fans to report issues to us by talking to a steward or by texting SFCReport to 60060 – it’s easier for us to tackle a problem if it’s reported to us during the game.


We’ll be updating this outline regularly as we believe it’ll help you to understand what we see at the stadium, how we deal with that and why it might be necessary for us to take certain actions in future. We hope that by being open and listening to you, well create a great environment for the team and our supporters.

230315 - Behaviour Infographic

This data is collected from reports we’ve received and only covers home matches.


Discrimination includes homophobia, racism, antisemitism, sexism, ageism and disability discrimination. Ticket misuse is when someone has sold on their tickets for financial gain, given their tickets to away fans, or used a ticket under the wrong age specification. Figures last updated: 14.03.23


It’s important to us that you feel safe when coming to St Mary’s Stadium, and transparency around matchday incidents is our way of showing we’re committed to making that happen.