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Trials with the club

Like most clubs, we have a network of scouts who work for the club on a local, national, and international basis, as well as other contacts. The scouts look at players from under-6's up to professional levels and will make recommendations on players that we may consider to invite for a trial.

It is important to note that any Southampton Football Club Scout that approaches a player will have appropriate ID. Any approach from someone purporting to be from the club, but who does not have sufficient ID should not be taken seriously.

Can I write in to be invited to an open trial?
At present it is not our policy to hold open trials. We always watch players at their local club/school based on recommendations before inviting them in for trial. If you are interested in a trial, please complete the form below. Any player completing the form should always include a fixture list for their teams along with directions and anything else that might help (e.g. club and player contact number). They should also write about their football background including information such as DOB, position, approx height and weight and the club/s played for. Any representative honours such as schools, district, county etc should also be included.

How can I be sure that my talent has not been overlooked?
Rest assured, with literally thousands of scouts representing the various clubs, if you have the required level of ability, you should be spotted. Our scouts may or may not be wearing club branded clothing. Many people don't think they have ever had a scout at their games when in fact just the opposite could be true.

I have waited years to be spotted. Should I give up?
Within reason it's never too late. Some players mature later than others, and lots of top class professionals have entered the game at a relatively late stage. Keep playing the highest standard of football possible, and never give up hope, above all always try your best as you never know who is watching!

Due to the high levels of correspondence we receive, we are unable to enter into communication and respond to everyone. Please do not repeatedly contact us, as we will keep your trial request on our files and will either be in touch or come along to one of your games if we feel you have the qualities and skills we require.

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